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Confirmation Form


The booking form is a mandatory element of the booking process as this is a mutual agreement between us and our clients.

We will keep our promises on the services we provide, and we expect the same from our clients. 

Please fill in the form below, upon completion, you will be sent an invoice to pay the deposit in order to confirm the booking


Terms and Conditions


1. Members of the Riwajweddings require a 20-30 minute break at the event

2. Working more than 30 minutes over the agreed booking time will result in a £100 surcharge per hour

3. When booking drone, it is not guaranteed that we can fly the drone if the weather conditions are bad (rain, wind, restricted places etc )

4. Female photographer/videographer is available on request, there is a surcharge of £150 for this

5. 25% deposit taken to confirm the booking, remaining balance to be cleared a week before the event, or as agreed in writing.

6. FLEXIBLE CANCELLATION POLICY - If you cancel at least with in 2 weeks prior from your Booking date, we will give you a 50% refund of your deposit.


1. Any events where the government guidelines are not followed, the customer is liable to pay for any fines issued to the Riwajweddings in the event of a police intervention. 




We respect our client's privacy at all times. We appreciate clients who give us the permission to post selected photos / trailers on our social media pages for our promotion.


To be eligible to any discounts and price reductions, we would only agree to this if we are given the permission to use selected photos/trailer on our social media platforms.

Booking Date

Thanks for submitting!

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